Benefits Of Time Management Skills

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Nearly 80% of kids who attend school take at least a part time job during the school year (Perna). This outstanding statistic found in a survey shows how many students work a job for various reasons. Many critics and parents argue that part time jobs can cause negative effects to their grades and bodies. But studies show the opposite effects that happen to students who work. Time management skills can be developed, student expenses are lessened, and critical job related skills are all positives that a student gains from having a part time job while attending school. Part time jobs are beneficial to a student.
Everyone in this world has been late for an important event, or even a simple promise to a person that you will meet them at a certain time. Education is the key to success in today’s society. For many, waking up on time and getting to class before the bell rings can be very difficult. This can result in a grade reduction and loss of important course teachings. At some time in a student’s life they will realize the importance of education and what it will mean for their education. Because academics are so crucial to success later in life, a student must learn time management skills so that they can be on time and balance their school work. Time management skills can be taught by having a part time job. For example, if a student has an upcoming test but know that they have work the night before, then the student will have to manage their studies and work. “Studies show
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