Benefits Of Traditional Healthcare Delivery Options

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Analyze the differential advantages created by American Well with its new Online Care product compared to traditional healthcare delivery options. Assess who might use the product, when they might use it and what benefits they would obtain from this new model of health care delivery over traditional care models. The American Well’s Online Care product has created various differential advantages compared to traditional healthcare delivery options. The organization leverage is extending “traditional health care into people’s homes and workplaces” and has a distinct advantage over traditional healthcare delivery options because it combines a robust software platform with a national network of care providers. (Ofek March 2010) In the traditional healthcare delivery options, supply and demand is temporally and geographically limited. The limitations of providers and patients include the physical location and time availability. Which may ultimately result in patients having two primary options when seeking medical care through the traditional healthcare delivery options: an emergency room/similar acute-care facility or a patient is limited to the schedule of their physician, which could result in weeks of waiting for an office visit. The Online Care product connects healthcare providers such as “hospitals, ambulatory care practices, and other care delivery networks with patients. The company works directly with healthcare payers and employers to bring telehealth solutions to
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