Benefits Of Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Hi Dr. Martinez and Classmates,

One of the benefits of using cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the idea that is thought by the causes by feelings and behavioral. According to Murdock (2013) “CT theory generally takes a neutral position on the properties of human nature. When the overall qualities of human existence are discussed at all, it is from an evolutionary perspective, which portrays humans simply as organisms adapting to the environment.” Therefore, Cognitive behavior therapy focuses on neutral position of human nature. Cognitive behavioral therapy is about how we think about what has happened to us. CBT focus on the believes of why things are happening. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used for a short term. CBT is used for individuals that are suffering from depression, anxiety etc. Cognitive behavioral therapy focus helps client with a specific problem they are current experiencing. Behavioral Therapy focuses on the behavior of the client. Behavioral therapy helps the client treat the bad behavior to a good behavior it does not focus like cognitive behavioral because CBT focus on the thoughts that lead to the feelings and behavioral. Using
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Once the counselor gets an understanding of the clients behavioral he/she can start suing CBT. According to our lecture “Cognitive therapy is an active, collaborative process in which both the therapist and the client engage with each other to identify cognitive patterns and to construct therapeutic interventions and experiences. The therapist helps the client employ specific cognitive techniques and often incorporates bibliotherapy and homework into the therapy process. Therefore, cognitive therapy behavioral is more beneficial then behavioral therapy because it identifies the cognitive patterns of the client and provides intervention to the
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