Benefits Of Using Online Store Front

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This report has been generated for Best Books of Mackay. Best Books of Mackay has requested this report to understand the advantages of using an online store front and what needs to be done to open an online. Although an online store front has many advantages but it also comes with many disadvantages and risks involved. By suppling this to them it will help them understand more about E-Business and what it involves. This report will help instruct Best Books of Mackay on the best and safest way to open an online store front. This report will contain information on the basics of E-Business, the risks involved.

E-Business and You
What is E-Business
Best Books of Mackay is looking at opening an online store front but before they
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Running an E-business comes with many advantages such as: quicker and easier communications with customers, wider range of marketing strategies, increased hours of operation ( a website can run 24 hours a day 7 days a week for every day of the year), reduced start-up and operational fees. These are just a few of the advantages of running an E-business. There are also many risks that you need to be aware of when running an E-business for example technical failures: when technology breaks down and needs repairs. Less security: when a stranger to the company gains access to the website. Less privacy: allowing anyone on the internet access to certain information over the internet. Inability to look at your customers or clients during sales and hackers breaking and gathering secure and important information.
How to establish an E-Business
When setting up an E-business there are two different types of E-business such as selling goods on the internet through other websites or running a personalized website with the ability to sell goods online. To run an E-Commerce website, a large amount of hardware, money and knowledge is needed to set it up, with the most important being the hosting service, shopping cart software and credit card processor. If it is too hard to go through all the steps on creating your own website it is also considered that setting up an online marketplace such as
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