Benefits Of Using Recycled Water

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Cooling tower means water through a heat exchanger to achieve cooling water. Cooling tower water constantly recycled after cooling, the dissolved solids and suspended solids concentrations in water continues rising. When dissolved solids over a certain value, the deposition phenomenon must occur. At this point, it must be discharged to reduce the content of dissolved substances within certain range, by adding new water to blend the concentration of cooling circulating water contains dissolved substances. Therefore, the cooling cycle water must increase the concentration to reduce its emissions to achieve the goal of saving water. Water recycling is the most direct and simple and easy, works fast to save water resource technology roadmap. Saving water at the same time can obtain protection of the water environment results. Take energy-saving cooling tower technology. To expand the scope of the use of recycled water, and reduce the cost of operation of circulating water, makes strategic sense and considerable economic benefits. Water-saving affect as opposed to say the water-saving effect is contained by and have a greater indirect benefits and external benefits and long-term benefits, these benefits are more obvious in the water-deficient areas. Water saving external indirect benefits is quantifiable and unquantifiable. External indirect, quantifiable benefits mainly in pure income increase due to water-sharing society, as well as savings from a reduced discharge of drainage
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