Benefits Of Using Social Media For A Business

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Benefits of using social media for a business
In this document, I will be discussing four different benefits of the business using social media.

Customer service
People that buy from Microsoft could have problems with their products. They may contact the business by using their social media account on Twitter for example. So the business would interact with these customers by using a dedicated social media account which is made for customer service. Microsoft would have people that are employed to use the social media account and interact with the customers and provide customer service. They would also have all of the tools they need to provide this support. Example of this could be a customer having a problem of not being able to connect to the internet with their Windows laptop. The social media account would then be used to provide the customer that is having this problem with support and clear guidelines on how they can fix this. Interacting with the customers and providing customer service will benefit the business as they would then have customers which are happy. Also this would develop the relationship which the business has with its customers and would encourage them to buy from the business again. The business would want to aim that the customers are happy with their products and this would encourage them to buy more.

Social media allows users to post their feedback on the businesses page. This could be for a new product or service which the business…
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