Benefits Of Using The Arts

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Benefits of Using the Arts in the K-12 Grade Curriculum Author 's Name Institutional Affiliation The study of the arts belongs in every K-12 classroom. Participation in the arts is correlated with increases in cognitive capacity, reading, mathematics, critical thinking, and verbal skill (Lynch, n.d.). Artwork learning can additionally enhance focus, motivation, trust, and teamwork. Arts programming in schools helps close a gap that 's left many a youngster behind and acts as an equalizer of sorts. Children of wealthy parents are exposed to the arts whereas the children from low-income families do not have the same exposure. The research behind this paper will show that art belongs in the K-12 curricula in schools since education is fundamental to a child’s development. Almost everyone loves music, whether by playing an instrument, singing, or listening to it. Schools really make a mistake when they cut theirs arts budget dues to financial restraints. The study of art is equally as valuable. Take music for instance; instrumental training, musical training, creates long lasting changes in brain structure and motor skills. The earlier a child begins instrumental training, the more powerful the link involving the left and right hemispheres of the mind (Boyd, 2014). These transforms last into adulthood and therefore are proven to affect the ability convey and to listen as an adult. Music education prepares students to understand academic subjects in school. Music
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