Benefits Of Vocational Training And Education

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Benefits of Vocational Training and Education Jennifer Elliott Texas A&M University – Commerce Abstract Prison education is also known as Inmate Education and Correctional Education. The educational program encompasses several educational activities that occur inside a prison. The main goal is to prepare the inmate for success outside of prison and to prevent recidivism. Benefits of Vocational Training and Education Benefits Education and vocational training for inmates in prison can be reason enough to occupy the inmates time rather than having the inmates sitting in their cells or creating a disturbance with other inmates. Providing inmates with a vocational training can assist in the day to day operations of the prison, possibility of creating additional revenue, and a way for prisoners to take time to learn a trade that will assist with future employment. “Isn’t it true that a correctional facility running a truly rehabilitative program – one that prepares inmates for life on the outside through education and vocational training – will turn out more successful individuals than will a prison which merely leaves it inmates to rot?” (Robert Martinson, 2011). A prison is not only to be a general deterrence, creating punishment for those who have committed serious crimes and but also encourages personal reform. Personal reform is the best form of recidivism for the inmate. A person can sit in jail and ponder about the crime they committed and not do anything about
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