Benefits Of Volunteering In The Giver

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Volunteer hours, Good or Bad?

In the best selling book, “The Giver”, all people are subjected to volunteer hours. For example, Jonas did his hours at a lot of places, he got a job that fit him well! It is useful to have mandatory volunteer hours in any society. First, volunteering is good anyone. Whether it be in Jonas’s community or in our world today. Volunteering “Helps us keep up to schedule” The Giver. Pg.36. Volunteering is a great thing because you get to know what your job will be like when you are done and ready for it. If someone is sick or has to be somewhere else a volunteer can fill in and do the same work if he/she have went to there hours for a while and paid good attention to learning. Learning at an adult level is great
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Today any high, or middle school, a kid can choose to watch an adult peer do there work of interest. According to a scholastic study, only a small %10 of shadowers don't feel satisfied after watching an adult doing there own work. You only need consent from your school or an adult. Also, kids in Jonas’s community can go and do go to be successful in their lives. Volunteering is like a gateway to finding the perfect occupation and you get to do it at such a young age. As a teen brain developes, they are more susceptible to advanced learning and keeping that information in there brain.
Just because you aren’t assigned jobs, doesn't mean that you can't or don't need to do volunteer hours. Hours spent shadowing are beneficial to all people for their simplicity and convenience. Now, some may say that these hours are wasteful to both Jonas’s society and our society in present. But, the brain needs to learn at a young age to get to be successful in later life. As your brain matures, your thoughts do two, but then it decays after a short amount of time in adulthood. Skipping that valuable time is like going to middle school without the fifth grade. Furthermore, In Jonas’s community, you need to go to volunteer hours because you miss out on all the basics of the job. Instead of a faster class in training, you know the basics and have already grown to like the learning of the assignment. Therefor proving that you need volunteer hours and that they are convenient and in no way a waste of time as a
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