Benefits Of Work Life Balance Policies And Practices

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Benefits of Work Life Balance Policies and Practices Introduction In the recent past, there has been experienced aggressive pressure for organizations to perform better, faster in additional to being extra cost effective. As a result, breakdown in the customary employment contracts has been experienced and the long-term employment perception is no more. This means that companies have to accommodate different demand and supply factors which include the need for a low cost, flexible and secure workforce. New technologies and the nature of work changes lead to many workers under pressure to stabilize their personal life and the employment roles. Due to this, employees and organization have faced the reality on the possible advantages of the…show more content…
Contending requests involving home and work have taken up expanded pertinence for workers of late (Hayman 330). This is as a result of an extensive element of working environment and demographic changes. For example, the escalating quantities of ladies in the workforce, a maturing populace, extended hours of working, in addition to extra complicated technology. This has empowered close consistent and keeping in touch with the people at the place of work. This is because of the following progressions and the clash they produce amongst the numerous tasks that involve people. The companies are progressively forced to actualize work policies and practices proposed to encourage workers ' exertions. The aim is to satisfy equally their individual and business related obligations (Rapoport np). The work life practices and policies are the mechanisms used in the improvement of the company’s cultural and structural support for personal life, family and work. The structural work life support, changes the policies and practices of human resources, plus the structure of the job so as to improve the flexibility. The employee control of place and amount of work is increased or given extra instrumental resources like direct services and information (Kossek and Hammer 36). This is imperative in facilitating the employees to be in a position to mix employment with care provision or those extra significant tasks that are not work related. Job redesigning come up with a
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