Benefits Of Work Life Balance Policies And Practices

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Benefits of Work Life Balance Policies and Practices
In the recent past, there has been experienced aggressive pressure for organizations to perform better, faster in additional to being extra cost effective. As a result, breakdown in the customary employment contracts has been experienced and the long-term employment perception is no more. This means that companies have to accommodate different demand and supply factors which include the need for a low cost, flexible and secure workforce. New technologies and the nature of work changes lead to many workers under pressure to stabilize their personal life and the employment roles. Due to this, employees and organization have faced the reality on the possible advantages of the work life balance and their related policies.
Most people find it hard to deal with the rising responsibilities at home and in the work place. Accomplishing the suitable work life balance may sound unattainable to many people. There are significant benefits to the people who have managed to attain it. The benefits cut across to both the employer and the employees. This essay will discuss the benefits of work life balance policies and practices to the organizations.

Workplace Balance
Despite the recognition of work life policies and practices as a subject of practitioner and academic debate, and the escalating pervasiveness of work life balance policies in companies globally, exploration of the corporate impacts of these policies is…

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