Benefits Of Working At Work

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I could also be more productive at work by doing homework during lunch break. I used to stay on my desk during lunch break and do nothing because I felt too exhausted to go out and get lunch, but during this week I felt more productive than I was before.
The rehearsals were great, I felt more present and did a lot of contributions. There were a lot of ideas that I proposed to my band, and most of them worked well with the song. Everyone was happy about it and this made me feel so too.
During the second week, I tried to do evening yoga before I go to bed. Unlike morning yoga, this one was easier to do because I did not need an extra effort to be awake and I did not feel as rushed to finish my yoga session. Evening yoga soothe and relax me
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The one hour session yoga has nothing surprising because this is what I have been doing for the past two weeks. I obviously felt better because it has become my routine, so when I get back to an hour yoga rather than 30-minute yoga, my body responded to it as a “this is what you need” kind of feeling.
The one-and-a-half-hour session worked great on me. I got to have more time doing other poses, and I was able to add 10 minutes breathing practice at the end so I would be well on calming my stress response. However, one and a half hour yoga in the morning takes too much time, especially during weekdays where I have to go to my classes. I feel rejuvenated afterwards but when I looked at the clock and realized I did not have much time left to get ready, I started to panic and it again stimulated my stress hormone. I think it is better to not do it in the meantime, and keep sticking on doing an hour yoga in the morning three times a week.
Going back to Angela Duckworth and where this experiment began, I came to a conclusion that mindfulness plays a role in developing grit. Being persistent in developing a long-term meditation practice is key to prosperity and all other qualities we support with mindfulness. Furthermore, challenging yoga poses require us to physically and mentally experience determination and commitment. Sometimes you fall when doing some
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