Benefits Of Youth Sports

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How playing youth sports can benefit kids The debate over if parents should push there kids to play organized sports or not has been talked about heavily. More and more reports have come out saying that kids are at a high risk to have concussions and other injuries due to playing youth sports. Those reports have scared some parents and the parents are not allowing there kids to play organized youth sports. Playing a sport as a youth has so many benefits. The benefits include helping kids with their health and keeping the kids in shape, teaching the kids several good things like commitment, teamwork, hard work, discipline, overcoming adversity, and dealing with success and failure. The last thing is that playing a sport or multiple sports is so fun and a great memory to have and every kid should be able to have that memory if they want too. Health in kids is always a big concern today. A lot of kids in todays generation stay inside because of the new electronics and games that come out every year. Introducing a kid to a sport can be really good. Some kids will grow up liking and playing sports so they will already want to play. Playing a sport can keep the kid active, healthy, and in good shape. Children who participate in sports develop stronger muscles and bones, so when they get older they will become less likely to suffer from physical injury. Physical exercise before and during the onset Hollyhand 2 of puberty helps reach peak bone mass, which will allow the
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