Benefits Of Zoos

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Picture a zoo. Picture all the animals that would be in it. There are enormous elephants, ferocious lions, waddling penguins, and striking zebras. The elephants were taken from their herds as babies and put in small, isolated enclosures. The lions are agitated and pace back and forth in their enclosure. The penguins are kept in temperatures much higher than the antarctic conditions they need in order to thrive. The zebras idle around in their enclosure which is but a mere illusion of the miles and miles of savannah they would roam in the wild. Reasons for the argument that zoos are helpful include that zoos provide protection and care for animals, manage captive breeding and conservation programs for endangered species, and educate people about animals and wildlife. However, zoos are more harmful than helpful in that animals are harmed by zoos when they are mistreated or not properly cared for. Even in zoos where animals are not mistreated, they are in artificial environments which are only, at best, illusions of their natural habitats in the wild. Zoos are harmful in that they have detrimental effects on the health and wellbeing of animals. Zoos pose safety issues for both people and animals, especially those built in and around urban areas.

Zoos have existed in the world since ancient times. It was recently discovered that the earliest known zoo found near Hierakonpolis, Egypt dates back to 3500 BC (MacDonald).The Philadelphia Zoo became the first zoological park in the
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