Benefits, Wellness And Accessibility Officer

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Job Description
Job Identification
Title: Benefits,Wellness and Accessibility Officer
Job category: Full-time
Department: Human resources
Reporting relationship: Reports directly to human resources manager
Physical location: Head office
Safety hazards: None
The benefits, wellness and accessibility officer is required to perform the executive-level tasks of reviewing and processing benefit and wellness claims. The officer is required to maintain updated records of all applications and claims from employees. The officer needs to communicate and negotiate with insurance providers for efficient processing of claims. The officer will also perform informative role in the organization by responding to the queries and information needs of
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wledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs) expected from the jobholder:
• Bachelor’s degree in business management with major in finance or human resource management
• Certified Employee Benefit Specialist with specialization in either group benefits or retirement benefits
• One to two years of experience in a corporate human resource department, preferably in benefits administration or wellness programs
• Certified corporate wellness specialist
The jobholder must meet the following requirements in order to perform this job at 100% competency:
• Knowledge and understanding of relevant laws and regulations applicable to benefits management
• Knowledge of insurance and benefits management regulations as adapted and modified from time to time
• Familiar with current trends and concepts in wellness management and able to conduct independent market research on the same
• Able to contribute to the design, review and implementation of employee wellness programs in a variety of areas
• Strong communication and negotiation skills when interacting with insurance and benefits providers to get the best rates for the company
• Design and administer annual employee surveys for collecting feedback and suggestions on existing benefits and wellness programs
• Administering pension and benefit plans for all full-time employees and the privileges for part-time and daily wage employees as per company policy
• Assisting the human resource manager and team members in the
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