Benefits, Wellness And Accessibility Officer

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Job Description
Job Identification
Title: Benefits,Wellness and Accessibility Officer
Job category: Full-time
Department: Human resources
Reporting relationship: Reports directly to human resources manager
Physical location: Head office
Safety hazards: None
The benefits, wellness and accessibility officer is required to perform the executive-level tasks of reviewing and processing benefit and wellness claims. The officer is required to maintain updated records of all applications and claims from employees. The officer needs to communicate and negotiate with insurance providers for efficient processing of claims. The officer will also perform informative role in the organization by responding to the queries and information needs of employees about the benefits and wellness programs offered by the company.
Duties and Responsibilities
The jobholder will be required to perform the following duties and responsibilities and other duties at the appropriate level as assigned by management.
• Stays updated about the policies and procedures of the company with regard to processing claims
• Assesses benefits claims from employees in line with organizational practices and criteria
• Negotiates with insurance companies to obtain comprehensive insurance coverage
• Evaluates insurance and benefits providers regularly in accordance with the prescribed evaluation criteria
• Assists new employees by opening up their accounts and explaining the benefits and wellness plans of the…
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