Benefits and Damage Caused by Chemicals

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There are wide range of chemical benefits in the society, such as industrial productivity, increased agricultural and improvements in the control of disease. Nevertheless, chemicals have the potential to cause damage, ill-health to the environment and many potential effects of spill. There are complex risks to humans from exposure to the chemicals. The risks are a combination of two factors, in which under specified conditions, there’s probability that a substance or situation can produce harm. There’s probability that an adverse event can occur such as exposure from a chemical incident and the consequences of adverse event such as the effects from exposure to the chemical. (APHO,2002)
A risk may have a very low probability but a high impact of happening. For example, if someone is planning a walk to the local shops he/she wouldn’t usually worry about being involved in a chemical incident, but could potentially be quite serious if it did happen but quite unlikely. There are might be worry about it raining because it is more likely to happen and affect someone getting wet. The risks can be assess by rating their probability and impact as low, medium or high, as shown on the matrix below.
The way risks are assessed by rate their impact and probability as low, medium or high, as analyse on below matrix. The numbers are adding together to give a score; the higher the score the greater the requirement to address that risk.
Risk Matrix
Impact Probability Low Medium High
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