Benefits and Disadvantages of an Online Class

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Most people’s English 102 class was probably not a hybrid class, but mine was. This was my first time experiencing online class and it was a great experience. I like how we didn’t have to come to class every day that we have class. Most of the class was online. What I found difficult about a hybrid class was when you have to turn in a late assignment and the instructor decided to cancell class. The class policy only accepts papers that are one week late. If you turned in a paper later than that, you won’t be able to turn in a final paper, which means that you automatically failed the class. It was unfortunate for me to be in this situation during individual conference time. I was not aware that the next time we meet in class will be in two weeks. I have to drop my paper in my instructor’s mailbox and email her to make sure she got my paper. I learned that attendance is incredibly important in a hybrid class from this bad experience. Overall I really enjoyed this course because I learned how online classes work and I was able to learn new information while sharing them with others. At the beginning of this course I was reluctant because I was not confident in myself that I could write a ten-page paper. Ten pages sounded a lot, but now after doing this paper, I realized that ten pages is nothing if you are intrigued by your topic. My classmates and I were very privileged to pick the topic of our choice and write about it. Some of my friends who took English 102
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