Benefits and Drivers Paper

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Benefits and Drivers Paper MGT/445 Organizational Negotiations March 24, 2013 Kudler Fine Foods is a food company that specializes in selling fresh grocery products with simple ingredients used to make gourmet meals. Nearly everything a customer could want would be found within Kudler Fine Foods. Currently Kudler Fine Foods operates from three locations each offering the same service. The company is a privately held, but seeks to offer stock publicly to increase capital. The increase in revenue will allow Kudler Fine Foods to pursue avenues of innovation that can increase profit margins and spark new growth. In this paper Team A will be exploring the internal and external driving factors that…show more content…
The last external innovation of Kudler Fine Foods from other organizations is catering the organization provides (Apollo Group, Inc., 2011). The catering aspect has not been fully constructed into the business organizational structure, so their approach will stand out from other competitors. Their goal is to provide a link to customers on their website that will allow them to view and order specifics requirements for the event needed to be catered. The website will provide every aspect of what meals, desserts, amount needed, specific arrangements or design the customer desires for the event. With other competitors they require customers to come into the store location to make arrangements, whereas Kudler Fine Foods is providing options for the busy individual to make arrangements via Internet. Internal Drivers of Innovations Internal drivers are events that occur inside the business sector; the drivers are the success of any organization. The internal drivers of innovation for Kudler Fine Foods are the experienced, helpful, knowledgeable staff, and how they strive to make their customers experience delightful as well as a pleasing shopping outing. The first internal driver is the experience, and this is about Kudler Fine Foods ensuring they provide customers with a good experience to grow the business. To grow the business and to make sure, they have a good experience the employees must be helpful and knowledgeable to their customer base. It is

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