Benefits and Limitations of Distance Learning Essay

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Benefits and Limitations of Distance Learning Distance Learning Defined Technology is restructuring many aspects of education. An example of this phenomenon is distance education. Distance learning is defined as " the practice of educating learners who are separated from the teacher or trainer and each other by space, time, or both" (Moller 115). Distance education occurs in a non-classroom setting when students participate in course discussions, exercises, and receive assessment from the instructor by utilizing technology such as video conferencing, audiographics, CD-ROM, and Web-based media (Welsh 41). Furthermore distance learning programs are becoming increasingly popular at academic institutions and corporations. Most…show more content…
Eighty five percent of the Fortune 500 companies utilize distance education. For example "Kaiser Permanente even offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in health science…and MetLife has teamed with Drexel University to offer a distance master’s degree in information systems" (Markel 208). Additionally some nursing graduate and RN-to-baccalaureate degrees are offered online (Langford & Hardin 191-192). Hence many industries are restructuring their training courses to include distance education. Distance learning is making a positive impact in education. Many people who are participating in distance education are unable to attend regular classes because of full schedules and proximity to a learning institution (McHenry & Bozik 21). For example "the demographics of nursing students have changed. Older and second degree students are demanding that technology be used to make courses more accessible to them so as to allow them to continue working, raising their families, and participating in their home communities…"(Langford & Hardin 191). In a sense, many distance learners are deemed nontraditional. These students are described as goal oriented, highly motivated, and older in age (Moller 117). Furthermore they have "rich life experiences and…find it easier to transform ideas and theories into practice outside the classroom" (Langford & Hardin 192). For example a nursing student exemplifies this knowledge transformation. The nursing

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