Benefits of Animal Experimentation

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Benefits of Animal Experimentation Animal Experimentation has been used for thousands of years from early Greeks to modern day physicians. Animal Experimentation is not only beneficial in gaining knowledge on diseases, but can also help to discover cures. Animal testing is not a very new idea, and has been performed for a large portion of history. Some of the earliest experiments can be traced back to early Greek physicians and scientist such as Aristotle and Erasistratus who did tests on living animal subjects to find the differences between sensory nerves, tendons, and motor nerves. All of these early procedures were performed without any type of pain reliever or sedative used. In today’s times, there are plenty of different anesthetics to be used to help make these procedures easier for both an animal and the scientist. Later on, another Greek physician named Galen used animal testing to advance multiple fields in medicine such as pathology, anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. In twelfth century Spain, Arab physician Ibn Zuhr used animal testing as a new way for testing surgical procedures on animals before they were used on humans. These tests and experiments went without question for many centuries, until recently when these practices came under question by many animals rights groups. Animal testing is also used to test new pharmaceutical drugs before they are released to the public. If these tests aren’t done catastrophe may ensue. In 1937 a new drug was created
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