Benefits of Artificial Reefs Essay

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Thesis: When an artificial reef is made many just see trash going into the sea, however there are positive benefits that come from the making of the reef. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of an artificial reef is the creation of a new community for aquatic creatures to live. It is like a developer going out to sea and making a new subdivision out there for fish. This creation of an artificial reef is the most natural way to protect the marine habitat, by providing shelter, a source of food, and an area for mating and reproduction for a numerous amount of creatures. The reason this is so important is because a given area of water can only support so many marine creatures, none of these creatures can live in mid-water where there is…show more content…
The majority of this revenue is created by the tourism that these reefs create. If you don’t know much about diving here is a figure that will help you, a large percentage of all the tourism industries revenue is from these people diving. When these sites are created this is exactly what they have in mind, attracting thousands of divers to these easily accessible sites. These divers come to see these reefs because the sites are known locations and the organisms growing on and the ecosystem around it is a beautiful site that is a joy to partake in. As a matter of fact the view is so spectacular that today the sale of underwater cameras far exceeds the sale of spear guns, which creates even more revenue for local dive shops. This is why divers travel around the world to get a look at these sites. When these divers come into town this is where the revenue comes in from anything such as boat tours/charters, hotel stays, food consumption, and equipment. Many companies have keyed into this market and have started making their own natural reefs. These companies have used them for everything from submarine tours to burial sites for the deceased ashes. Don’t forget about the fishermen, whom are also getting wealthy due to the reefs. The fish swarm to these areas now, so the fishermen know exactly where to fish and fill their boats up. All of these reasons can bring in anywhere from fifty to ninety
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