Essay on Benefits of Attending College

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The importance of attending college Time after time you hear about going to college; whether at work, family, friends, and even when you are in high school you might have been repeatedly told of how it can benefit you in the long run in regards to your future. They say a good education can take you far in life. Students in high school may still question the importance of a college education. In the world of today people find themselves asking, “Why is it important to go to college?” An important aspect of succeeding in today’s world is getting a better education, and it’s much more than just a degree - in college you also learn how to better prepare for assignments, perhaps one of the most important things you can get out of attending…show more content…
Further, a college graduate also has better options and opportunities to progress in their career. Going to college allows for many opportunities to open up in life. Society is changing at a very rapid rate. College is a very difficult time for nearly everyone, as Charles Murray who published an article on should the Obama Generation Drop out also states that “A large majority of young people do not have the intellectual ability to do genuine college-level work” (95). Attending college is not for everyone, but It can teach you to learn how to become independent, develop discipline, evolve new life skills, and learn how to balance a social life versus student life. The experiences you obtain and gain from attending college can lead you to learn how to live your life within the college environment in a way that creates harmony with who you are. It is a time of trial and error until you find what works for you. Eventually harmony is found by choosing a major that coincides in a positive way with the person you are. Once this is found, you will be able to establish a system of studying and learning that works for how your mind works. It is natural that your life will be in disharmony when the circumstances in your life change dramatically, such as when you go to college, but your life should eventually return to being less stressful. During your college journey, you will make many friends. Many friendships that you make in college
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