Benefits of Being a Working Mother Essay

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Men and women are working harder than ever to survive in today's tough economy. It's a big challenge for low and middle class families to survive. To meet growing demands, it's getting difficult for families to depend on one income. To contribute to family income, mothers are coming forward and joining the workforce. Working mothers are the one who takes care of the family and work outside the home. They may be a single mothers or married mothers. Working mothers usually work to support their family financially. Some of the mothers work, just because they are more career-oriented. Working mothers may work part time or full time. Women are now the primary or only income source for 40% of US households with kids, according to a new Pew …show more content…
Single mothers usually work full time because they are single parents and they have no other option.
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Mothers with younger children are less likely to be in the labor force than mothers with older children. In 2012, the labor force participation rate of mothers with children under 6 years old (64.8 percent) was lower than the rate of those whose youngest child was 6 to 17 years old (75.1 percent). The participation rate of mothers with infants under a year old was 57.0 percent. Among employed mothers, those with preschoolers are more likely to work part time than are mothers with children ages 6 to 17. About 29 percent of employed mothers with children under age 6 worked part time in 2012, compared with 23 percent of employed mothers with children ages 6 to 17” ( TED: The Editor’s Desk).
Working mothers’ children are relatively well mannered and confident. Because of the busy schedule, working mothers’ spend a quality time with the children. As long as the mother is having fun with the family it’s a sign of happy family. Working mothers’ set a good example for children and the children make their mother a role model. The children respect and care for their mother, when they see their mothers’ hardship. Because of mothers’ interaction with the outer world, she won’t only stop the children from mistakes but
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