Benefits of Climate Change in South Africa

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Although climate change might seem a hindrance to the progression of a country, there are some benefits that a country such as South Africa can experience due to its ability to adapt to the changing climate. One benefit that can be experienced isin South Africa’s’ agricultural sector which is the development of crops and food stuff that have the ability to tolerate various weather conditions. These conditions include extreme heat and cold conditions, droughts and flooding. Due to the drastic impacts of climate change has on food availability in South Africa, the development of such crops, particularly maize crops, will ensure that food security is maintained and that poverty is reduced. Another benefit of climate change adaptation in the South African perspective is that it encourages the expansion of already existing water facilities due to the increasing amount of rainfall and flooding being experienced. Furthermore, it also encourages the development of new water collecting and storage facilities and for water drainage systems. These facilities and systems will be used to drain all the excess water collected during floods and many be used to supply water for industrial and domestic use. Water may also be cleaned and purified in order for it to be distributed as clean drinking water to the South African population, a necessity that South Africa desperately needs. Another benefit that the climate change adaptation is that it gives South Africa an opportunity to develop
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