Benefits of Computer Games

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Recently, in this modern world that we live in, through the course of the improvement of technology, computer games became very popular among the youth. Whether we like it or not, computer games greatly influences our society today. Computer games become a part of people's lives. Almost everyone has been exposed to some kind of computer game – be it role playing games, puzzle games, action games played on a console, a personal computer, or a handheld device. Because of this sudden interest in computer games, concerns about its effects, may it be positive or negative, arise. Being in a modern world, we naturally question these things. Is it a safe practice to play these games? Will it bring any good?
Although many people think that it is
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Doing so will merit the player some in-game rewards such as money or exceptional items.
Aside from developing one's determination towards a goal, computer games can be used as tools for learning. As James Paul Gee, Professor of Reading at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said, "Video games have the potential to lead to active and critical learning. In fact, I believe that they often have a greater potential than much learning in school" (46) He said that computer games help improve one's "visual literacy" or the ability to comprehend images. He reasons out that "today images, symbols, graphs, diagrams, artifacts, and many other visual symbols are particularly significant." Furthermore, he said that nowadays, images are often found together with text in magazines, textbooks, and other reading materials so it is very valuable to improve one's visual literacy to be able to understand the messages within the images. (Gee 13)
James also said that computer games are not just for entertainment because it also incorporates many important learning principles. Through the challenges found in games, players are encourage to try different ways of learning and thinking. (Gee 6)
According to Randel et al., "computer games have been particularly effective in raising achievement levels of both children and adults in areas such as maths and language." As said before, computer
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