Benefits of Expertise in the Medical Field

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People who decide to become medical doctors need to make several sacrifices. The training is long and difficult. Furthermore, it does not end with school because doctors are required to learn about new problems and advances in the field of medical science for the rest of their lives. However, there is a positive side in becoming a doctor. It is not just about learning complicated procedures and going through rigorous training. Being a doctor means that a person is required to nurture the positive fundamental characteristics of the human mind. Doctors have to be truthful, both to their patients and their patients' relatives. They need to be above discrimination. If doctors practice medicine with a correct attitude and respect towards the…show more content…
Doctors can only encourage their students to develop these qualities, but the students' dedication, patience, and deliberate practice are the only way to develop them. There are several difficulties in the medical field. A mistake while practicing in any other field would not carry such a burdensome effect because no other field is so closely connected to human well-being and life. However, a common misunderstanding of the medical field contributes to these difficulties and burdens. Medicine is often considered perfect and extraordinary by the patients and even future doctors. This is far from the truth, so the opposite needs to be accepted by society. The medical field, like any other field, requires constant research and improvement to deliver beneficial treatments to patients. But despite all the misunderstandings and difficulties in the medical field, Carola Eisenberg (1986) states, “What we do as doctors, most of the time, is deeply gratifying, whatever the mix of patient care, research, and teaching in our individual careers. I cannot imagine a more satisfying calling. Let us make sure out students hear that message from us”. Doctors need to be keen observers because they work with real life situations. Unlike several other fields, which are constrained to controlled environments and variables, the medical profession needs to research questions which arise during their practical work. Working with people in real life

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