Benefits of Fasting

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Benefits of Fasting Fasting is a period of absentness from all food and drinks. Many people around the world have their own reasons on why they are fasting. Some of them fast because it’s a must according to their religions, while some of them fast because they want to have better health. Fasting can give a lot of benefits to individuals such as a great physical health, reduces stress, improves mental clarity and focus and also cure diabetes. One of the benefits of fasting is fasting can improve one’s physical health. According to Allan Cott, M.D an expert from the United States, fasting can help people look and feel younger. This is because fasting helps in detoxification to removes waste, toxins or poisons from the body,…show more content…
One can reduce stress because when we fast we will avoid worked up too much so that we would not feel tired. Furthermore, while fasting, you become more aware of your body process, your life and with everything you are doing. It is a period of time where you can evaluate all that you are doing more objectively, and you naturally have more time for contemplation because you are not using time amassing, preparing, eating, eliminating and cleaning up all waste in our body so that our body can rest. You become more aware of what your body likes and does not like when you start to eat again. This is because a large amount of blood and nervous energies have to be sent to the digestive organs to digest a meal. If these energies are not required there, they may be used by the brain for better thinking. Thus, you will gain self-confidence in your ability to control your life process, to set a goal and carry out an intention. Fasting can also cure diseases. It is proven by a study conducted at the National Institute on Aging. They showed that the intermittent deprivation of food can heal the brain from diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The reason for this is the growth of neurons in the brain are not affected by reduced energy intakes. When we fast, the calorie intake is sharply reduced so that the amounts of two cellular messaging chemicals are boosted. These chemical messengers play an important role
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