Benefits of Friendship

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Three Benefits I Have Had With a Close Friendship When the traditional family, one with both parents and the children living in the same home, only on television or from an outsider’s perspective, the families appear to be perfect. The family seems happy all the time. However, when looking at your own family it is sometimes realized that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, in some families it is the complete opposite, and in my family specifically, I thought it was the norm to be dysfunctional. That is until a close friendship changed my views on family life. My friendship with my best friend opened my eyes to the true meaning of sisterhood, the normal dynamics of a family, and the meaning of unconditional love.…show more content…
In addition to the joy I feel watching my daughters interactions with my best friends family, I feel joy when I see how protective her family are of me as well. Recently I went to their house and I had a friend of mine in the car with me. My best friend’s father came outside and gave him the third degree; being protective. He wanted to know who the guy was and what his intentions were with me. That was shocking on so many levels because I have never had anyone take that much interest in the well being of my personal life. It made me feel good that he cared and it made me feel special when he introduced himself as my other father. Her brother is also another story to be told. Just watching him interact with women has shown me what to look out for when dealing with guys. In watching him I have learned to tell when a guy is only interested in what he can get from me versus when a guy is interested in getting to know me and trying to add value to my life. He has been ready to fight guys on my behalf because of things that they have done to me. It feels good to be protected and I have gotten all this from someone else’s family. My friendship with my best friend has given me more than I could ever imagine from a friend; especially a female. The love we share is beyond anything I could express in words. So then, our love is
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