Benefits of Having Many Friends

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The Benefits of Spending Time with a Large Number of Friends Chet Sunhong, En Rotana, Tum Sotheary Institute of Foreign Language No human should be alone. We all need connection, communication, support and protection. All sort of these things are mostly thought that they are given by our first form of relation, family. However, there is also another important relation second to family which is called friendship. Easily understand definition of friendship is the relationship between friends. Our schoolmates, classmates and playmate are all our friends. Friends are those whom we spend most of our time with beside our families. And this come down to a stated topic that, “some people prefer to spend time with a few close friends.” And…show more content…
We may not use all of those ideas but at least, we can get a grip of what are the right action that we should take. Plus, spending time with only a few close friends, we will never be able to see things from different side as we have already had for close friend are having similar or even the same ideas to us. Secondly, having a large number of friends can help us gain more networking opportunities. As we have already known, variety of people is an assortment of characteristics and preferences. People may have their own interest, purpose and goal. Hence, in the university, diversity of people may choose to pick up many different majors. And in the future, they may end up with miscellany of professional careers. With regard to this, friends in different fields in the society have been formed. Having a broad relationship is very useful and helpful both for our occupations as well as our lives. For instance, we have many friends that are working in many different jobs. When we need them, we surely can ask them to do us a favor. Should we get sick, we can directly go to our friends because our friends are credible and trustworthy. We do not need to spend much time on finding a good doctor or waste money on unreliable doctor. Should we need someone to have our new house done up, we also can confidently go to our friends. In short, make
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