Benefits of Health Information Technology

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The current health care system is also characterized by inefficient and poorly coordinated clinical care systems. Consequently, Health Information Technology (HIT) has been recommended as an effective means of improving the efficiency, lessening costs, and enhancing safety of medical care delivery. Such systems can help in achieving these goals through the adoption of best practice guidelines and evidence databases. The guidelines and databases are instantly available to care providers through promoting the availability of a healthcare network by establishment of computerized patient records. One of the major obstacles that have hindered such efforts is the uncertainty concerning organizational changes, the required time, and costs to successfully implement the HIT systems ("Cost and Benefits of Health Information Technology", 2006). Despite of these uncertainties, the benefits of Health Information Technology systems can outweigh the costs of implementation through the long-term impact of the systems on healthcare services and systems. This is mainly because the information technology systems have a long-term impact in solving or lessening the problems associated with the current systems. The benefits of the systems can outweigh technology costs through their potential impact to enhance health care safety,…
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