Benefits of Homeschooling

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Last year, my husband and I were trying to decide what was best for each our children when it came to his or her education. Although Freeport, Illinois, does not have a significant amount of schools from which to choose, we certainly looked at them all. After we had spent numerous hours talking to teachers and touring classrooms, we were not impressed by any of the local schools. Basically, every school offered the same general subjects served in a cookie cutter fashion. We, however, wanted our children to have a more diverse and individualized education. Therefore, we decided to look into other options of schooling, particularly homeschooling. “[P]arent-led home-based education . . . is an age-old traditional educational practice that a…show more content…
These skills are require to become successful adults. For example, with hands-on learning as Frobose states, children learn skills such as improved creativity and leadership. In addition, children can learn about problem solving as well social development (Frobose).
Homeschooled children have the advantage to learn through playing because unlike public and private school children, homeschooled children spend less time working on homework. According to the Institute of Education Sciences, 40.1% of first graders spend three to four days a week and 37.9% spend five or more days a week on homework. In addition, third graders are reported that 40.7% spend three to four days a week and 47.4% spend five or more days a week. Furthermore, 37.6% of fifth graders spend three to four days working on homework and 51.3% of fifth grade students spend five or more days a week working on homework. Whereas, most homeschoolers do not have to worry about studying after school hours unless instructed to (United States Dept. of Education). There are reasons why children have the disadvantage of learning in public and private schools besides the large amount of homework, and one of those reasons is the way public and private schools teach. Stella Vosniadou, who has a Ph.D. in Psychology, states that there are a multiple reasons why children can be unsuccessful in
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