Benefits of Inclusion for Students with Learning Disabilities

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Benefits of Inclusion for Students with Learning Disabilities There are many benefits for learning disabled students when placed in an inclusive classroom. Research has shown that students with learning disabilities can be supported in a general education classroom setting for the entire day with academic achievement as high as or higher than those in a separate setting (McLeskey & Waldron, 1998). There are many positive benefits which include improved social skills, stronger peer relationships, enhanced academic performance, and positive feeling about one self. By being in a classroom with students that are not learning disabled it allows the learning disabled student to work on there social skills. As Richard Considine, a…show more content…
(Walther-Thomas, 1997) These students have also been performing better academically. In inclusive classrooms, they are earning real grades, and they are lower now that they are not in a pull out setting. Though the students are much prouder of their grades because they know they earned them, and they try harder every day to earn better grades. Learning disabled students are more likely to take risks in an inclusive classroom. (Kronberg, 1996) Benefits to Students without Disabilities Inclusive learning also benefits the non learning disabled student. Two major benefits of the general education are improved social skills, and more classroom attention. (Raison et. Al., 1995) One of the main concerns about inclusion is whether or not the academic performance of non-learning disabled will suffer due to the presence of learning disabled students. Studies have shown that there is students who do better in their academic performance in the presence of general education students. Non-learning disabled students receive additional attention and help, just as learning disabled students do. This helps them a great deal. Many students who usually don’t do that well in school have been improving their grades from being in these inclusive classrooms. (Walther-Thomas, 1997) These students also help the learning disabled students which reinforces the ideas they have just learned. In a classroom with more than one teacher, both general and special
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