Benefits of Making Exercise a Habit in Your Life

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Many people look at exercise as a way for people who want to lose weight

or to become muscular, but there are a great deal of benefits that can be received from

exercise that you cant see up front, exercise helps to become more organized, help to live

a better and longer life, and increases self esteem and empowers you to take on new

challenges. Gaining muscle and losing fat are the two most important reasons that usually

attract people to the gym, but those are only small benefits that are achieved with

exercise. There are several ways that I have benefited in my life from exercising daily,

besides just making me bigger and stronger.

First Subtopic

Exercise has a huge effects on the brain and it may be the best wonder drug of

them all. Scientists are finding that exercise actually helps prevent mental decline as we

age. Regular exercise will also create more brain cells This process is called

"neurogenesis." which will enhance memory, planning and organization skills, as well as

the ability to juggle many mental tasks. Researchers believe if you exercise for at least 30

minutes on most days of the week can help keep your brain and blood pumping and

sharp. Exercise improves how well the body can pump blood to the brain, helping it

perform better.

Scientists say that activity increases the growth of nerve cells in the…
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