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Medical tourism, or the process of leaving a home location for health care treatment in other locations broad is becoming an emerging trend. Outbound medical tourism is most likely going to grow at a fast rate within the next few years. With health care costs rising exponentially, this concept is important to explore as consumers are becoming more open to the idea of traveling to seek care that is less expensive, safe, and effective. Most patients are going to become more interested in having treatment abroad if the quality is savings are possible and quality is close to the type of treatment available in the United States. Research shows the most well know inbound and outbound programs, in addition to the several aspects of each that…show more content…
Factors include the possibility of the health plans in the United States choosing to not provide coverage of services given in offshore locations, as well as any policies enforced by the government that might impact demand of such services. In addition, providers might choose to compete more with programs within the outbound medical tourism category. In foreign countries, there are several constraints regarding supply capacity as well. Policy makers are aware that consumers need to be more engaged in their health care decisions and the costs related to it, otherwise, costs will only rise more as a result of them not participating (Pitts & Battiste, 2013). The impact of rising costs is now influencing companies and households everywhere. Consumers who receive health insurance through their employer are now looking into outbound medical tourism portions, as their deductibles increase and services in facilities abroad might be able to be purchased within the limit of the deductible (Moreira, 2013). Treatment in foreign countries can be purchased at a fraction of the price for care in the United States. The price is typically lower for several services, and might include transportation and other accommodations. The concept of medical tourism demonstrates the them of consumers having more control over their decisions that impact their medical care and health status. High deductible plans and high copays are forcing patients to have a

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