Benefits of Online Classes

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Online classes have been another way of learning and obtaining high school diplomas, certifications, training and college degrees. It provides students with online books and articles that students are able to access though the internet. There is endless information that is found on the intranet that teachers can access and relate to. Below is a figure from the Spiral technique that Mack’s indicated a teacher go through to ensure that students were learning the concepts being taught. The spiral assessment could be used in a variety of ways and teachers could use it to evaluate students, or principals evaluating teachers or it can also be used as a self evaluating assessment on content learned. I will be using Dr. Mack’s model as a self…show more content…
My learning behaviors have changed from the experience by making me more aware of the different learning strategies that are out there. Like I have said this was my first online class and when I first signed up I felt like it was not going to be effective because I was use to the traditional setting where I would go to a classroom and listen to the instructor. The experience has definitely changed my views and has allowed me to be more open to the different learning experiences that students have access to. The discussion questions were required and responding to two other classmates was mandatory this allowed me to reflect on the views of other educational professionals. I did have a difficult time collaborating with my team mates to complete the CLC assignment. I felt like it was difficult because of the different times we had access to the internet. Overall the experience has been informative and convenient.
The impact of my learning experiences has served as a foundation for future learning by making me aware of the different learning strategies that we have as educators. The special education standards have provided me with the knowledge that is necessary when teaching students with special needs. It also has made me more aware of the variety of disabilities that children have and how I can adapt and modify lessons based on their needs. The E
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