Benefits of Positioning Statements

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Ontela PicDeck 1. Positioning statements The positioning statement represents the image by which the company would be perceived by the customers and the public. With the aid of the positioning strategy, the economic agent places their products and services within the market and raises consciousness within the mind of the consumers. In a different formulation, the positioning statement represents the "company's personality" (Luther, 2011). Appendix A reveals more definitions of the positioning statement. In essence, the positioning statement represents the means in which the company promotes itself within the market and the industry. The positioning statement is created to help the company sell more products, by better appealing to the customer segments and promoting the products and services. In other words, it is a marketing tool. In this understanding of the positioning statement, an important focus falls on the product and customer segment choice in promoting the positioning statement. More precisely, economic agents are presented with the possibility of creating and forwarding a positioning statement focused on one product addressing one specific customer segment. On the other hand however, they could also devise and promote positioning statements that address more products or more customer markets. Each of these approaches is characterized by advantages and disadvantages, as would be revealed below: Advantages of addressing a single customer segment The

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