Benefits of Providing Incentives to Telephone Technical Support Staff

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Improving telephone technical support staff’s performance in responding to customer queries via the use of incentive rewards Table of Contents Executive summary 3 1. Context and Industry Information 4 1.1 Context 4 1.2 Industry Information 4 2. Nature of the problem 5 2.1. The problem 5 2.2 Design of the research 5 2.3 Research approach 5 3. Review of the evidence 5 3.1. Source 6 3.2. Conceptual approach 6 3.3 Methodological approach 6 4. Findings and Implications 7 Intrinsic rewards 7 Extrinsic rewards 7 Social rewards 7 Organisational rewards 8 5. Conclusions and Recommendations 8 References 9 Executive summary This business report addresses the problem facing the head of HR of the…show more content…
This report is a consultant’s evidence-based answer to the issue faced by the head of HR of the telephone technical support department of a major corporation, regarding incentive rewards. More specifically, the head of HR is interested in recommendations for improving employees’ performance. This paper is distributed into five key parts. The first part offers a succinct summary of the context and industry background. The second part defines the nature of the problem, how the consultant framed it, and the research method used to collect and analyse evidence pertinent to the issue. The third part comprises a critical review of the evidence gathered with the description of conceptual and methodological approaches employed. The fourth part proposes the key findings of the paper and their implications for the sponsor of the research. Finally, the fifth part concludes the paper by summarising and giving recommendations to the sponsor. 1. Context and Industry Information 1.1 Context The purpose of this paper is to answer the identified problem by proposing clear and coherent recommendations based on an extended analysis of current literature existing at the period of research. Due to the dearth of peer-reviewed articles precisely on incentive rewards for telephone technical support staff, the consultant has stretched the report scope to

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