Benefits of Purchasing a CT Scanner

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Benefits and Costs of Purchasing A CT Scanner: A Comprehensive Evaluation "Each year, buyers of CT scanners faced much-improved choice sets; the question is how valuable those improvements were," and thus this is a review to explore whether or not the acquisition of CT scanners are actually worth a hospital committing to such an expensive effort (Ellickson et al. 2001 p 544). Overall, the health benefits of CT scans are often extremely positive to patient care. Still, the machines and organizational costs tied to their maintenance are often costly to both the organization and the patients. Yet, the purchase of such technology does provide greater quality and efficiency within patient care strategies, from a health and organizational perspective. In such, it is clear that the positives of purchasing such technology would then outweigh any potential negatives. CT scanners are an impressive testament to the evolution of modern medical technologies. Computed-tomography (CT) was invented by the Nobel Prize winning Godfrey Hounsfield and was first installed in a hospital in England in 1971 (Beutel et al. 2000). This technology proves so impressive because it creates a three dimensional image of the internal workings of the body. In fact, CT "is the term generally used to characterize the imaging technique in which transmission measurements of a narrow beam of x rays, made at several different angles or projections around a given object, may be used with an appropriate computer

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