Benefits of Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom

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Technology is changing every day, and we are seeing this innovation in more places than ever, especially in classrooms. More specifically, since the release of the first Apple iPad in March 2010 we have seen an overwhelming amount of possibilities that were merely just ideas become available in our classroom. Take for instance wanting to have a class trip to the Guggenheim. Now, this is possible with virtual field trips. The Guggenheim offers a free app that lets individuals explore works of art with a virtual tour and an audio tour. There are several other museums that offer this same feature, such as Musée Du Louvre, The Canadian Museum of Civilization, and the American Museum of Natural History. Say you want to bake a cake with the children in your classroom, but you have a child with allergies. Now, this is possible with a cake baking app called Cake Maker-Cooking Games, and there are number of similar apps that allow the baking of all things imaginable via a tablet. With the invention of iPads, and like tablets came the surge in production of applications or apps. Apps have an interactive nature that allows users to play out real life scenarios, or scenarios that are far from reality. Some may recall the 2009 commercial for the iPhone with the ever popular saying, “There’s an App for that.” Never would we have thought four years later, there really could be an app for almost any and everything imaginable. Through experience in observing multiple schools and
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