Benefits of Virtual Teams

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Virtual teams today are an important part of business, particularly where the business expands globally. Although there are particular challenges associated with virtual teams, such as communication technology, cultural concerns, and potential conflict resulting from these issues, the advantages associated with these far outweigh the disadvantages. Virtual teams have the potential to maintain the integrity and unity of the business venture on a global level at a paradigm that has never before been possible. When a company wishes to expand to a new country, especially one that is significantly different in culture and practice from the United States, virtual teams, if well chosen, can significantly facilitate the process. When making a decision to expand to Poland, for example, virtual teams can help to identify potential markets, potentially challenging cultural differences, recruit tem members in the target country, and assess the potential for success. Poland is a country that has several potential markets for expansion. The country is rich in natural mineral resources, for example (Europa, 2011). These include iron, zinc, copper, and rock salt. Any of these resources can then be used as a basis for a new business expansion. Salt, for example, can even be used in art. Another important component of the foreign market is its labor force. According to Walewski (2011), there is a relatively high demand for legal employment as well as a highly energetic commitment to
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