Benefits of Weightlifting Essay

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Many people look for an activity that will better them in every way possible; weightlifting is the greatest activity in the world for such goals! Weightlifting yields so many benefits and it can improve the quality of life for anyone who can do it. Weightlifting is one of the activities that, in conjunction with other exercise and proper diet, will improve overall health, physical performance, and mentality. First and foremost, the health benefits that come from weightlifting are numerous and immense. Weightlifting increases muscle strength and it increases bone density as well. Increase in bone density is one of the most beneficial side effects yielded by weightlifting (Sidrah). During weightlifting and …show more content…
Hope lies on the horizon for fat and obese people as well! Contrary to popular belief, Weightlifting can help people with losing weight and trimming down excess fat tissue. A study conducted by researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine demonstrated that weightlifting, or any weight or load-bearing exercise, can help increase metabolism and, in turn, reduce body fat percentage (“'Weight Training'”). The researchers genetically modified the mice to grow their type 2 muscle fibers and bulk them up; with this addition of muscle, the mice showed various signs of metabolic improvements throughout the body – such as fat reduction (“'Weight Training'”). The same science can be applied to human beings. Weightlifting works and develops fast twitch (type 2) muscle fibers; a good amount of muscle on the body will help with fat reduction by increasing the speed of the metabolism. A study conducted by the Journal of Applied Physiology supports this data as well; after a 16 week strength training, 13 men aged 50-65 years showed increases in resting metabolic rate, decrease in body fat percentage with no change in weight, and an increase in strength (Pratley). Since bigger and stronger muscles help burn fat then obviously it can help those struggling with obesity and all of the
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