Benefits of a Database & Information Gathering Techniques

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Assignment Three: Benefits of a Database & Information Gathering Techniques
Ian Keller
Strayer University
Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems
CIS 111
Professor Jonathan C. Thrall
April 26th, 2012

Databases are very important to every person in the world today. Whatever you do in you daily routine you are bound to come in contact with some form of database and our world has become so dependent on it that most people won’t even realize the importance of databases. A database is a bunch of files that are usually integrated electronically together to make up one big file. The database stores all of these files in one location and numerous people can access this information all at the same time if they have
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A flat file is a database that uses a simple structure but as simple as it is the more data added to it, the less efficient it can become. The benefit of the flat file database is that most Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Access, can imported from a flat file converting it so multiple data as well as data types can be used (Flat File 2012). When creating a database from the beginning it can seem very overwhelming at first. There is so much to think of but there are tools available to you that can help guide you through the process. Many database systems have an important role and if they aren’t customized for that particular organization, then the benefits would not be as great. Tools that are available to the organization that help a great deal with construction a database for the first time are available in many forms. Starter packages such as the CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) package, is a package that contains information to help. This package contains steps for creating a system analysis, project management, and design plans. If the information is used correctly it will help the organization learn how collect the information and determine what information to collect. There is also Project Management Software that can organize your data once it’s collected so the data is prioritized correctly. Last a system catalog can be implemented to work alongside the other aids mentioned above which all work hand in

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