Benefits of a Statistics Course

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Reflective Essay Considering Benefits of a Statistics Course Studying statistics can be daunting; with concepts and processes that are initially challenging, but as the learning process progresses one start to appreciate not only the value of statistics, but the way that statistics are already used in everyday life, without necessarily realization the underling statistical basis of the use. Reflecting on the course, looking at what was learned and the value it will provide for use in the future reveals a learning process that has not only increased knowledge for use during the academic processes but transferable skills that will have a direct benefit to a career path. Achievements when studying statistics are accumulated gradually, this was not a course of sudden and monumental revelations where there was a 'eureka moment', it was a subject where skills and knowledge build up as the lessons progressed. Knowledge was gained gradually and practiced each week, so as the more complex ideas were introduced they were understood with reference to former ideas and concepts, such as moving from the analysis of one or two populations or variables, to more than two, and the move from the use of normal distributed populations to skewed populations, with the implementation of an hypothesis test taking a standard format. The knowledge gain has a number of benefits, enhancing aware of statistics and the ability to both understand and critique their use in different contexts. When
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