Benefits of health promotion

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Benefits of health promotion Wytoshery Williams Grand Canyon University Family centered health promotion December 22, 2013 BENEFITS OF HEALTH PROMOTION A Healthy lifestyle is promoted by being educated in prevention methods and strategies. How is health promotion define and what is its purpose? The nursing roles, responsibilities and implementation methods for health promotion will be addressed, finally, a comparison of the health promotion levels. Health promotion is defined as the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health. (World health organization, n.d) Health promotion helps prevent diseases, premature death and disability. It is voluntary which result in…show more content…
The second level of health promotion which is identified and treat non symptomatic individuals who have already developed risk factors or pre-clinical diseases but the condition is present. In the article “Health coaching to improve Hypertension treatment in a low-income, minority population”, Participations received a community based health promotion program in which the goal of the program is to provide information on hypertension and high cholesterol and educated on problem solving and skills to improve self-efficacy. Multiple strategies to promote the development and self-efficacy information were given on DVDs about hypertension and high cholesterol. Self-care booklets, group support (counseling and exercising) and telephone follow-up were also included. The results after a six months study showed an increase in patient motivation and health behavior. There was a decrease in HDL level and blood pressure. Patients found it much easier to deal with hypertension and cholesterol by using the self-care skills. Because of the community based program there was an increase in confidence in each patient that participated an identifying the secondary prevention behavioral interventions were successful in this community study. The tertiary level of heal promotion involves care of the current diseases and restoring to the highest function while minimizing the negative effects of the present disease as well to prevent
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