Benefits of the Federal System

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Although the power has shifted back and forth from stronger decentralized government to a dominant centralized government, the balance between the two has yet to fall completely. Thanks to the limitations the Founders installed into our Constitution, there has yet a time where the states or national government has the total power to control the nation as a whole. We call this type of government system as the federal system. In a federal system, there are different but separate levels of government who has their own powers. Furthermore, in order to ensure that the centralized government is not oppressing the states there are also limitations on certain national powers (McDaniel and Shaw, 2014). However, through the various Supreme Court…show more content…
In the United States, both the states and the national government have the power to decide certain regulations. Because both levels of government have the power to decide regulations, repetitions and overlapping one another laws are not rare. Who does the citizens listen to, state or national? This slow process often leaves issues unresolved because it is not just one single government that controls the outcomes of laws and rules. For example, the reason why same-sex marriage is still a controversial topic is that the arguments essentially fall between state’s responsibilities versus the national supremacy. In 1966, the national government passed the DOMA but recently got declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court because it violated the Fifth Amendment in 2013 (Kollman, 2013). Article VI of the Constitution states that all laws U.S. are “the supreme law of the land”; thus, does that not force the states to abide the ruling of the Supreme Court for same-sex marriage (U.S. Constitution, Article VI)? Yet, not all states allow same-sex marriage. Why? The reason lies within the fact that marriage is within the prerogatives of the states not the national government. Conversely, the supremacy clause made the Supreme Court decision the law of the land as they represent the national government. Keep in mind that in a
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