Benefits of the Placebo Effect

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What if there was a new drug that’s making you high, but is just a sugar pill? What if you can get drunk with non-alcoholic drinks? What if there was a pill that can cure all your physical and emotional problems? This is known as the placebo effect. The placebo effect is a phenomenon in which some people experience a type of benefit after the use of a placebo. A placebo is any substance with no known medical effects; such as sterile water, saline solution, or a sugar pill. ( Psychology) Although it doesn’t have known effects, people exposed to the placebo effect often gets the effect on what it’s supposed to do.

A placebo is a substance or other kind of treatment that looks like a regular treatment or medicine, but it is really not. It is actually a treatment or substance that is inactive; this means that it is not a real medicine. The person who is getting a placebo does not know that the treatment is not real. Sometimes the placebo is in the form of a “sugar pill,” but a placebo can also be an injection, a liquid, a procedure, or any other type of therapy that doesn’t directly affect the illness being treated. Even though placebos do not act directly on the disease, it affects about 30% of people who experienced it.(Tulsa Brain Tumor Clinic.) People taking placebos have experienced reduced pain, healed ulcers, eased nausea, and many other illnesses.(ScienceDaily.) As many people suggest, the placebo is actually an expectancy effect; when people already know what
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