Beneful Research Paper

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Our dogs are important members of our families. We love our pets. As we feed our children, we should also be careful with their food. Many companies claim, explain and advertise that they have the real food for our pets, but the consisted ingredients are actually corn by-products, animal by-products and wheat gluten meal.

The most popular brand of dog food – Nestle’s Purina Beneful- is facing a class action lawsuit claiming their nutrition caused death in over 3000 dogs and other serious health problems. It is time to replace the chicken by-product meal with actual chicken and to start reading more carefully at the food you are feeding your pets.

The Deal With The Dogs Conventional Foods

The decision against lawsuit against Beneful is waited
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It is also used in antifreeze. However, this dangerous ingredient is the reason for many products to be banned in the European Union.

Mycotoxins from properly stored grains are also great reason for dog poisonings. It makes sense that this it is definitely caused by chemicals with the widespread incidences of liver failure.

Large amounts of grains from multiple sources are contained in dog foods, so the examining for contaminated elements is ineffective and inconsistent. Many dog owners report and claim that Beneful products contain mggots and that they do not stick to the rules and standards for quality. The threat of mycotoxins will always be there because conventional dog food contains large amounts of grains.

DIY Food?

It is absolutely important to note the ways where the food for dogs reflects our food. Fast food which is actually easy and cheap, brings to mind conventional dog food. What will happen if we care about our pet’s food as we care about ours? You may think that it costs a lot and need a lot of work.
However, many dogs suffering and are taken to the vet because of their food. Some of them are found
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