Benetton Group Essay

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Benetton Group is a worldwide fashion brand, located in Treviso, Italy. The real name originates from the Benetton family who founded the business in 1965. Because the 1980s Benetton has launched various shock-advertising campaigns that contain whipped-up controversy and stimulated debate. These group of stunning adverts have helped Benetton gain recognition and reputation and be a worldwide fashion large. Various messages and themes have been found in these campaigns, but the key idea has always been focused on controversial social issues, that concern socially conscious individuals at that time the business releases the campaigns. In the centre 1980s, world-renowned photographer Olivero Toscani designed for Benetton the to begin his multiracial…show more content…
The plan, in Sept 2012 that was launched, centers around a contest where unemployed teenagers can gain EUR5,000 to use a project which has a positive effect on their community. It really is reinforced by posters depicting close-ups of (entirely attractive) teenagers, with captions like "Valentina, 30, non-lawyer from Italy." The competition was also recognized by some TV advertisements centered on the problem of lack of employment and an comprehensive social media advertising. Benetton explained the way the campaign "presents an authentic family portrait of today's population by positively tackling an up-to-date problem, that of youngsters non-employment and the actual conflict between decades, in order showing it in a fresh light and create value for the huge human being capital of teenagers." The basic aims of advertising are to secure, develop, innovate and create adverts to market a product. That is done by informing, persuading, and reminding customers of something. Advertising builds brand equity, the advertising goals of Benetton aren't to market more but converse the company's beliefs. Benetton targets politics and cultural issues. Benetton centered on undertaking corporate
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