Benifits And Benefits Of Sex Education In High Schools

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Benefits of Sex Education Sex education is a debatable topic as to whether or not it should be taught in schools. We believe it is important for all teens to know the importance of abstinence and safety. Providing sex education in high schools can provide students with an easier class that can improve their academic performance. Giving students the opportunity to learn about the risks of sex can prevent teen pregnancy and the spreading of diseases. Though some parents want the topic of sex to be taught at home, not all students have parents that will inform them properly. Including sex education in schools informs students of the risks of not abstaining from sex in a proper manner and provides all students with the opportunity to learn about it. Since the course of sex education is not meant to be difficult it can help students’ grade point average as well as improve their grades. Therefore, students’ grades should be better considering that the students will not be challenged. Sex education is not a course meant to determine how much the students know or how well they can perform on tests. Sex education is meant to inform students of the risks they take when participating in sex. “Sustained offering of abstinence education programs is associated with improved academic performance. Some extracurricular or non-credit educational activities have been linked with better academic outcomes such as grade point average and verbal and numerical ability on aptitude tests” (Ferraro

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