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Assignment Questions
Q.01 Considerable success has been achieved by firms practicing TQM. Try to assess what TQM Means for Benihana of Tokyo business model and what are the expected benefits of TQM implementation at it?
TQM places quality responsibility on all members of the organization; this is opposed to the earlier models of ‘quality control’ where such responsibility was effectively confined to one particular organizational sector. So considering this, for Benihana restaurant it is not only the responsibility of the top management Rocky but of the entire team. TQM emphasis on the organization’s input , process and people , the team work and team involvement and empowerment is key beside clear vision mission and strategic objective.
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For example, their waste management system is extremely effective, especially in comparison to other types of restaurant. Minimization of waste begins at the start of the production process, rather than during or after it. For a restaurant, this would mean bulk-buying and thus reducing packaging; by cooking in batches will reduce the amount of wet waste; streamlining processes and planning more effectively; and choosing high-quality product so that all the produce can be utilized. All of these methods are already part of the organizational process for Benihana.

Q.03 Before Benihana of Tokyo builds Quality in, they must think it in", what are the implications of this statement? This refers to the difference between establishing quality at the systems level, and using ‘quality control’ methods later in the process. If a company inspects products after manufacturing and finds defects, there will be wastage of both effort and materials (inspection cost). Focusing on quality in production processes means that there will be fewer defect or rejected items (thus aiming more closely for the Six Sigma objective). Benihana should look at root causes rather than ‘quick fixes’ for identified problems. And this can be done on implementing preventive actions (preventive cost) and through the implementation of the TQM

Q.04 How would you identify the quality dimensions for Benihana of Tokyo?
The flowing will Identify the quality dimension

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