Benito Mussolini : A Good Reputation For His Talents

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On July 29, 1883, Benito Mussolini was born to a poor family in Dovia di Predappio, Italy. When Mussolini was a child, he was incredibly smart. However, he was was also very loud and did not listen whenever he was told to do something. He had gotten expelled from several schools due to bullying other students and because of his disobedience, due to the defiance of authority drilled into him by his father. In addition to the defiance of authority, his father also got him very interested in socialist politics at a young age. He soon became an ardent socialist. Eventually, despite the fact that he had been expelled from several schools, he received his teaching certificate and worked as a schoolmaster in 1901. However, this did not last…show more content…
Debs around June 15, 1898. However, the party did not gain very much popularity or strength until around 1910-1911. Around this time, candidates in this party began to win many state and local elections. In 1912, the socialist party gained its highest popularity and membership was at its peak. Upon entering World War I, the socialist party opposed American entering. Due to this, many of the members were arrested. Socialism is whenever the worlds resources are owned by the global population. People still are able to own their own, personal property, yet production and distribution are regulated by the economy as a whole. This means that nobody can have personal control over resources. According to World Socialism, In socialism, everybody would have free access to the goods and services designed to directly meet their needs and there need be no system of payment for the work that each individual contributes to producing them. All work would be on a voluntary basis. Producing for needs means that people would engage in work that has a direct usefulness. This quote gives a good example of what socialism actually is. It shows that access is given to everybody for these goods, yet it is mainly all only if a person needs it. Socialism is not about producing items for means of solely enjoyment if they have no real purpose or necessity. These were Mussolini’s view growing up. As stated previously, he was an avid socialist all
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